Ruthless Edit: Hayes Martin Associates

This is the beginning of a series in which I retire elements from my graphic design portfolio. I’m doing this for a few reasons including outdated roles, techniques, and outputs that no longer reflect my focus.

First up, these print ads produced during my time as a production artist at Hayes Martin Associates in Newport Beach. They’re full page color ads that appeared in newspapers promoting luxury homes in Orange County and the San Gabriel Valley. I still remember the pride I felt seeing my type set in newsprint!

These were actually designed by an art director. Then I as a production-artist was tasked with updating pricing, availability, and sales copy–occasionally replacing photos with newer versions and performing color correction. I had become a proficient desktop publisher using Adobe Indesign After completing the course, “Indesign CS4 Beyond the Basics”. That had been a good investment that led to further employment, income, and many good things for which I am grateful.

I was never totally comfortable presenting these as my own work because I hadn’t “designed” anything about them. I was an efficient type editor, later encouraged to include them in my presentation by a recruiter who found it easier to sell services based on past work that a third party had approved—over my original work that might not capture the same confidence. She was right in regarding our immediate purpose and her understanding of the minds of those who might hire us. But its time I moved on after all these years and remove these from ‘the grid’.

There are more ‘ruthless edits‘ to follow and I’ll include some background in a similar manner.