In the winter of 2012 I dreamed a story of a girl who is kidnapped, then rescued by some hero, whom she rewards with a stockingful of Gold. As a result of the gift, the hero is implicated in a crime far worse than the one he prevents. It seemed more old timey in the dream, with horse drawn carriages.

For whatever reason, I committed to telling this story in comic form. I imagined I would finish this episode, and produce a print version that I could release in San Diego during the 2013 Comicon. As the date got closer, it became more apparent that print wasn't the way to go for this project. Instead, I'll post future episodes here, and maybe do a print run when it is complete, if there's any interest. This has actually been my first time finishing that many pages in sequence, and I think I learned a few things that will make my future comic book attempts better.

There is quite a bit more to the "Ella" story that needs to be told. I'd love to do 9 more 20 page episodes, with no arbitrary deadlines. Additions would come slowly.

You can find more of my work at phillipyniguez.com

- Phillip

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